What can we do? – Waste
In cities, one person alone produces on average more than 1kg of waste every day?
Most domestic waste refers to packaging and not organic waste. 
Avoiding over-packed products greatly decreases the amount of daily waste. 
Recycling is not enough. It is urgent to reduce consumption and increase the reuse of materials by reducing the production of residues and urban waste. 
Rethinking our needs is mandatory.
REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE are the principles for the planet's sustainability.


1. Consume less, make less waste. 
2. Before buying, consider if you really need the object or if you can borrow, or rent. 
3. When shopping, prefer simple, durable and repairable goods. 

4. Cherish and use each article until the end of its life. 
5. Invest in the maintenance and repair of your goods. 
6. Explore solutions for material reuse before purchasing new ones. Be creative!  

7. Always separate waste into 4 categories: organic, paper, packaging and glass. 
8. Send the oil (cooking and engine) and print cartridges for recycling. 
9. If possible, use composting for garden use.
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