Biodiversity is us
Under the slogan “Biodiversity Is US”, Lisbon Zoo aims to raise awareness for the importance of biodiversity by identifying the causes of its decline and challenging the adoption of daily individual practices, which will make a difference in its conservation. 
By understanding the urgent need to act and admitting that biodiversity conservation is in the hands of each one of us, the campaign “Biodiversity Is US” will cover several initiatives, where local and global biodiversity take a leading role, making this an action campaign.
To alert to the world biodiversity decrease, to encourage sustainable behavior and reinforcing the importance of individual decisions for nature conservancy are the main goals of this campaign. According to a United Nations report, around one million species are threatened by human activity. Each one of us can make a difference!
We are part of the incredible web of life we call Biodiversity. Thousands of plant and animal species are rapidly disappearing, putting the Planet at risk. Together we can stop it. Through our daily actions, we can make the world a better place. What will you do today? We are all Biodiversity.
What can we do?
The impact of Human action on our planet is well known. Each one of us has a mission to act consciously and sustainably. We have the potential to make a difference every day. We can make the world a better place, and contribute to the conservation of species and their habitats while ensuring the sustainability of the human population on Earth. 
Get to know the “Biodiversity Is Us” Campaign App, available for free on all smartphones and in five languages. Download the application here!
There are 880 million people who do not have access to drinking water every day. Millions of people, mainly children, still die every year because they do not have access to safe water and adequate sanitation.

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Fossil fuels are not renewed because they take millions of years to form. The energy of the sun, wind and waves is constantly renewing and is non-polluting! It is generated continuously through solar panels, mills, dams, etc.

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Every minute an area of forest equivalent to 27 football fields is destroyed. To produce 1 ton of paper 2 to 3 tons of wood, a lot of water and a lot of energy are needed.

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Recycling is not enough. It is urgent to reduce consumption and increase the reuse of materials by reducing the production of waste and urban waste.

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Plastic and oceans waste
Cigarettes, plastic bags and cotton buds are the most abundant marine waste. Plastic never disappears in nature, it degrades into microparticles and accumulates in the ocean. What floats, adds up to huge floating dumps.

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