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Did you know that…
Paper consumption has grown more than seven times since 1950. 
Every minute a ​​forest area equivalent to 27 football fields is destroyed. To produce 1 ton of paper, 2 to 3 tons of wood are required, a large amount of water and a lot of energy. Burning and cutting millions of hectares of trees a year accounts for 20-25% of all carbon emissions. However, a single tree absorbs a ton of carbon dioxide during its lifetime.
140 billion trees have been lost in the past 20 years.
Good Practice
1. Minimize paper consumption. Reuse it and eventually put it in the recycling bin. 
2. Print only if needed. If you have to print, choose economic and two-sided mode. 
3. Refuse the ATM receipt whenever possible. 
4. Use electronic invoices and receipts for your purchases and your fixed monthly expenses such as electricity, water, electricity and gas.
5. Use both sides of each sheet, and take advantage of old sheets for sketching. 
6. Reuse cardboard packaging, paper bags, among others and eventually put them in the recycling bin. 
7. Prefer reading, correcting/writing and sending documents digitally rather than using paper. 
8. When buying paper and board, choose recycled paper. When buying wooden articles and furniture, choose those with the FSC (Forest Stwardship Council) guarantee seal. 
9. Prefer cloth bags instead of plastic bags. Paper bags are an immediate solution, but in the long run they will compromise the sustainability of forests.
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