Temple of the Primates
Built with the species that dwell there in mind (chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans) the Temple of the Primates, in addition to its magnificent outdoor space, composed of trees, waterfalls, lakes, vegetation and wood decks for the animals to climb, it is one of the most modern facilities for primates in the world.
The Temple of the Primates is one of the most recent and majestic installations of the Zoo. Dare to discover it!

In the Temple, visitors can be in contact with the animals in a never before seen way. At the inner space of the facility, which we call the seclusion area, the public can now see into the animal compound, even when the animals are receiving medical treatment.
The inside space has a breathtaking view over the entire outdoor compound and of an educational area, where visitors are presented with information on the characteristics, fun facts and conservation risks that these species face.
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DESCRIPTION: Construido a pensar nas especies que nele habitam (chimpanzes, gorilas e orangotangos), o Templo dos Primatas alem de ter um espaco exterior magnifico, constituido por arvores, cascatas, lagos, vegetacao e plataformas de madeira para os animais treparem,