The Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus)
The Zoo collaborates and actively participates in the conservation of the Iberian lynx since 1998, both through the conservation of the habitat and ex situ conservation. Since 2009, the Lisbon Zoo has been collaborating with the Iberian linx ex situ Breeding Program (Lynx pardinus), of the National Center for the Reproduction of the Iberian Lynx (CNRLI) in Silves, Portugal. This center aims to establish a viable population and to prepare specimens for their reintroduction in areas of historic distribution. It continues to collaborate through the provision of veterinary care thereafter, particularly in the areas of surgery and neo-natal care, doing so through the CNRLI facilities.
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DESCRIPTION: Na Europa, entre outros, podemos encontrar o lince-iberico. O Jardim Zoologico colabora e participa ativamente na conservacao do Lince-iberico desde 1998, quer atraves da conservacao no habitat quer atraves da conservacao ex situ.