What can we do? – Water
Did you know that…
Less than 1% of the water available on Earth corresponds to drinking water? 
There are 880 million people in the world who do not have a daily access to drinking water. Millions of people, especially children, still die every year from the lack of access to clean water and adequate sanitation. 
It is estimated that each Portuguese spends on average 120 liters of water per day, 80% of which is used in the toilet, bath and laundry. 
Turning off the tap while brushing your teeth or soaping your hands can save about 16 liters a day – which corresponds to 11 thousand liters of water per person every year.
UN experts estimate that by 2025 two out of three people will have no drinking water.
1. Take brief showers instead of immersion baths. Close the water while shampooing and soaping. 
2. Use a glass, turn off the tap while washing your teeth or shaving. 
3. If the toilet has two buttons, choose the smallest flush. 
4. Avoid opening the taps totally. So much pressure is rarely needed. 
5. Do not let taps drip or run water. 
6. Do the laundry and dishwasher only when these are full. 
7. Choose “environmental friendly” detergents and other products. Avoid the contamination of water sheets. 
8. Collect used motor and cooking oil in containers and recycle them in the oil-recycling bin. 
9. Watch for water leaks and report to the relevant services in your area. 
10. Sprinkling and hosing at dusk or early in the morning will prevent water from being lost through evaporation. 
11. Do not wash dishes with running water. Fill a bowl and wash the dishes. Finally, replace the dirty water with clean water and rinse. 
12. Use waste water. For example, collect water while you wait for the shower water to heat up and use it to water plants, wash the floor, do the dishes or to flush the toilet.
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