Lisbon Zoo
Our Mission

At Lisbon Zoo, we invite you to travel around the world without leaving Lisbon. Find the Sumatran Tigers in the dense vegetation of the Rainforest, observe lions, giraffes and elephants behaviour at the dry African Savannah and dazzle with the majestic flight of the colourful birds of South America.

Our mission is to develop and promote a zoological and botanical park, as a centre of conservation, reproduction and reintroduction of endangered species, through scientific investigation and environmental enrichment programs.

Along with education is a strong entertainment component that will ensure a great family time, always with the conviction that when visiting Lisbon Zoo you're contributing to this great project of conservations of endangered species and their habitats.

The Lisbon Zoo was the first park to present the Iberian Peninsula fauna and flora and it currently hosts around 2000 animals from 300 different species. On 28th May, 2017 the Zoo will celebrate
133 years.

Act for wildlife protection.

Promote decision making and inspire our visitors to action. We act here and worldwide through conservation projects in the wild. We work to protect animals, plants and habitats from extinction. We reintroduce animals in the natural habitat, learn and take care of our animals, for the survival of their species in the wild.

Your visit helps to ensure that our mission is accomplished. A different day for you, a conservation opportunity for us.

Visit us, protect them. So, thank you for your visit!

Environmental Enrichment

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