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At Lisbon Zoo, we invite you to travel around the world without leaving Lisbon while contributing to a major global project of conservation of endangered species and their habitats.

Go to California and kiss a sea lion, pass through Cuba and feel the skin of a snake, and be sure to go sailing in the ocean to watch the dolphins. 

In the African route, meet the gorillas and chimpanzees. Visit the elephants and the giraffes in the savannah. Watch the pelicans feeding between Africa and Asia. Hide in the forest to observe the okapis and explore Madagascar to find lemurs. 
Back to Portugal, visit the Children's Farm and learn all about domestic animals. Be amazed by the view from the cable car and take a ride in the Zoo train. 
All with the promise of an unforgettable day spent in the centre of Lisbon!

Lisbon Zoo, protecting the wildlife!

Visitor Information

- We allow the re-entry to the zoo with a valid stamp.

- The picnic area has tables and benches, toilets and lots of shadow for the perfect family lunch.

- Please note, there is no provision for left luggage.


The Animax is an amusement park, in the Lisbon Zoo but outside the zoological area. It is a free entrance area that offers a number of amusements, restaurants, bars, shops and resting places.

In the Zoo’s Shop you'll find a wide variety of funny, different and educative products with the Lisbon Zoo signature. Nature, animals and ecology are the themes to all our products. 

Festas de Aniversário no Zoo
Apadrinhe o Simba e ganhe 1 bilhete