The biggest Australian mammals are in Portugal for the first time
Come to the Lisbon Zoo and meet the Red Kangaroos: the biggest Australian mammals are in Portugal for the first time.
From September there is one more great reason to visit the Lisbon Zoo, as a group of Red Kangaroos (Macropus rufus), composed of 4 individuals, have now joined the 2000 animals living at the Zoo. The biggest living marsupial are in Portugal for the first time, coming from two French zoos.

Endemic to Australia, the Red Kangaroo is known not only as the biggest kangaroo, but also as the biggest Australian mammal. Its coat is a reddish colour, contrasting with other species of kangaroo. Males can weigh twice as much as females and may reach 2 meters in height when standing. As their natural habitats are deserts and arid savannahs of the Australian continent, these animals are well adapted to the adverse conditions of the environment. Besides being able to go for several weeks without drinking water, they can also withstand extreme heat, using a cooling technique that involves moistening their front legs with saliva.

In late 2019 and early 2020, the Australian continent was hit by a series of large-scale forest fires, which destroyed more than 11 million hectares of forest, devastating fauna and flora. Since the beginning of the scourge, the Lisbon Zoo has closely followed the evolution of the fires, through the reports of Dr. Kellie Leigh, the field biologist profiled by the Koala Conservation Program, in which the Lisbon Zoo has been participating since 1991.  As well as the awareness-raising work, throughout the first half of 2020 the Lisbon Zoo promoted a fundraising campaign for the rescue and recovery of Australian fauna and flora. The arrival of the new inhabitants to the wildest home in Portugal also aims to remember the Australian tragedy and raise awareness of the fine line that separates a species from extinction.

Come and discover the Red Kangaroos at the Zoo, with the certainty that by visiting the park you are contributing directly to nature conservation.
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DESCRIPTION: A partir de setembro tem mais um grande motivo para visitar o Jardim Zoológico, uma vez que aos cerca de 2000 animais se juntou agora um grupo de Cangurus-vermelhos (Macropus rufus), composto por 4 indivíduos. A maior espécie de marsupial chega agora a Po