Children’s Farm
Here you will learn up close about domestic animals such as the donkey and the rabbit, and a diversified vegetable garden where you will be able to identify a lemon tree, but also watch carrots being grown, lettuces and strawberries among many other vegetables which we are so familiar to us all.


Summer season: 10am – 8pm
Winter season: 10am – 5pm

The aromatic herbs also have a space in the Lidl Children’s Farm. Oregano, Basil and Rosemary are some of the scents you will be able to feel. And what is happening underneath the earth? Through acrylic structures you will be able to observe the growth of tubers such as the carrot and the turnip.

The Lidl Children’s Farm will provide unforgettable experiences to experience as a family.

Click on the images and find out more about each area of the Lidl Children’s Farm.
Find out here LIDL Children’s Farm safety rules. 
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DESCRIPTION: Aqui vai conhecer de perto animais domesticos como o burro e o coelho, e uma horta diversificada onde vai poder identificar um limoeiro, mas tambem ver crescer cenouras, alfaces e morangos entre tantos outros produtos horticolas que nos sao tao familiares