Entry Costs
Lisbon Zoo Services
Do you know what to see and where to go when you arrive at the Zoo? Do you know what services we have at your disposal?

Presentations and attractions, zoocars, a zoo train or a picnic park. Those are just some of the services we have to offer you. Explore the best places in Lisbon Zoo and create meaningful family moments! 

All the attractions and presentations are included in the entry ticket, except for the Zoo´s train. The ticket for this attraction is available only at the Train.
Child (under 3 years) Free
Child (3 to 12 years) (a) 14,50 €
Adult (13 to 64 years) 22 €
Senior (+65 years) (a) 16 €
Group (b) 18,50 €
(a) Identity card is required at the entrance.
(b) Special price for groups of 15 or more visitors. Cost per person.

Keep your ticket until the end of your visit. Once inside the Zoo, the displayed visit rules must be respected. There is no refund, exchange or validity extension of the purchased tickets.
Ensure you have a memorable experience!
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