Golden lion tamarin
In situ conservation of Golden lion tamarins since 1994, through the IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources). This program includes studies on behavior and nutrition, implementation of forest corridors, and reintroduction of animals in their habitats.
Silvery-brown Bare-face Tamarin (Saguinus leucopus)
The Silvery-brown Bare-face Tamarin is a species endemic to Colombia that is extremely endangered. Between 2004 and 2009, the Lisbon Zoo coordinated and financially supported this species’ in situ conservation program in Colombia. This program was distinguished with the EAZA award for conservation in 2005, and is supported by 17 European zoos, nine Colombian zoos, and Colombian and international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).
Tufted capuchin (Cebus apella)
The Lisbon Zoo has been supporting an in situ conservation program for monkeys and Tufted capuchins in Brazil since 2008. This program includes the monitoring of three different social groups, encompassing three geographical areas: Captain Private Reserve, Una Biological Reserve and Plantações Michelin da Bahia.
The Lisbon Zoo supports the Conservation Breeding Specialist Group (CBSG). This group of experts, officially formed in 1979, is the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) group that is responsible for ex situ conservation and its link to the in situ conservation of species.
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