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Conservation reaches far beyond the boundaries of Zoo

Lisbon Zoo is host to about 2000 animals of more than 300 different species, many of which are in danger of extinction. But its work is not restricted to the perimeter of Sete Rios - where it contributes on a daily basis to the conservation of the species under its care (ex-situ conservation). It extends to the distribution area of different animal species, through conservation in the natural habitat (in-situ conservation).

In order to fulfill its mission and to carry out its conservation programs, the Zoo has developed a Conservation Fund.
In Africa, among others, we find the black rhinoceros, the okapi, the gorila, the addax, the scimitar-horned oryx, the grevy's zebra, the african penguin and the lemure.

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In America, among others, we can find: the golden lion tamarin, the silvery-brown bare-face tamarin and the tufted capuchin.

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In Asia, among others, we find the komodo dragon, the arabian oryx, the sumatran rhino, the persian leopard and the siberian tiger.
In Europe, among others, we can find the iberian lynx. 

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In Oceania, among others, we can find koala.

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Rivers, Seas and Oceans
In rivers, seas and oceans, among others, we can find: the bottlenose dolphin and the mediterranean monk seal. 

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DESCRIPTION: No Zoo estao cerca de 2000 animais, de mais de 300 especies diferentes, muitas delas em perigo de extincao. Mas o trabalho do Jardim Zoologico nao se restringe ao perimetro do Zoo - onde diariamente contribui para a conservacao das especies que tem ao seu